Our Approach

At Growth Matters, we combine the principles of human centered design with strategy and operational insights to enable our clients to move quickly from ideas to impact.   Our approach is built on the following key principles:

Slow Down to Speed Up – – We believe that investing sufficient time up front to validate the business challenge or opportunity, the expected outcomes and measures of success for the consulting engagement ensures the right solution and ultimately saves time and money for our clients

Design with “People” in Mind – – We seek to directly understand the people you serve firsthand and their unarticulated needs that need to be met.  We then design the right strategy, operational model or value proposition with those people perspectives always in mind

Infuse Multi-Sector Thinking – – We identify best practices from adjacent industries by working at the intersection of commercial, non-profit and public sectors.  We then bring these relevant models to light to spark new ways of thinking about your business

Generate Data-Driven Insights from Rapid Exploration – – We believe that, whether developing a strategy or building operational infrastructure, ideas need to be tested directly in the “field.”  Growth does not happen by sitting behind the desk.

Partner for Sustainability – – We define success by the ability to co-create solutions with our clients that become self-sustaining long after the client engagement has ended.